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House Hunting on the Central Coast

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Finding a property on the Central Coast can be a very pleasant experience in itself, as this blogger points out http://foxsyd.livejournal.com/667943.html

Interest hikes will raise mortgage stress on the Coast

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Scott Phillips talks about what causes financial stress and what to do about it.

Scott Phillips
Balance Money

Daleys Point ranks in the National Top 20 Best Performing Property Markets

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RP DATA just released details of Australia’s 20 best performing city and regional property markets over the past decade. Daleys Point was one of only four NSW suburbs to make the Top 20 list. Click here to read report

This report revealed that units in Hobart were among the best performers over the period, while the sleepy regional North Queensland town of Silkwood came in with an average annual growth rate of 35 per cent over the period.

Daleys Point recorded an annual average growth rate of 28.1% over the past 10 years but is the top median price on the list at $955,000. The highest median price combined with the high growth rate means that Daleys Point beat all others on the national list for dollar return on a per property investment basis over the past decade.

Rental Report – Daleys Point and St Huberts Island

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Welcome to Daleys Point and St Huberts Island, a small waterfront playground of only 740 homes.

With such a small area and with high owner occupancy rates, rentals are few and far between and there is always a steady rate of tenants ready to move to area.

Our rental properties attract a lot of transitional tenants those that have sold their own property either in the local area and are between their search for the new home. Or those people making a change from Sydney and want to rent and live in the area before fully committing to a purchase. We find this style of tenant looks for lease terms from 6 months and up to 2 years in some cases.

We have strong demand for quality rentals in all price brackets at the moment. This surge is always traditional in January after the Christmas/new year holidays , however this year it has continued through into February and march as well. Obviously with this strong demand we have seen rental prices rise across the board and on average we have increased rents by 7% so far this year.

Vacancy periods are very low in the current market and we have been successful in securing back to back leases on most properties this year, with the standard two day period allowing for cleaning and repairs. WE find by building strong relationships with both our landlords and tenants alike allows for an easy transition between tenancies.

Daleys Point attracts various types of tenants from young couples, families and retirees alike, the geography of the area does often mean though that a lot properties are not suitable for family situation. But tenants with particular needs for boating and mooring facilities, views etc are always looking for quality properties to lease.

We have found new properties coming to the rental market from sales , where owners have been unable to achieve a sale and landbank the property by leasing it and waiting until the market improves, and again this works with our tenants looking for that semi permanent lease situation.

St Huberts island always has strong demand, Being level and and very community based makes it very attractive to families. We find that rentals on the island do attract a slight premium rent as apposed to similar properties at Ettalong Beach and the like.

There are two distinct levels of property on the island, a lot are original homes that have been purchased for investment or later redevelopment these properties attract on average $450pw and then there are the modern renovated properties that attract up to $750pw.

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We try to have our waterfront properties always available for release in the the spring/summer months as this is the most active and best time to secure tenants into place. In our area we do find that there is glass ceiling so to speak with the dearer properties anything over the $650 pw price range does struggle to attract tenants, there is this huge gap between the Sydney and central coast rental market.

While there is still being a lack of development for new houses with the sale market and the surge of first home buyers getting into the property market the strong demand for rental is sure to continue throughout the year.

Craig Favelle
Ray White Daleys Point
Mob 04 0344 1000 office 02 4344 1000
email: craig.favelle@raywhite.com

Property currently FOR RENT on the Central Coast

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This map shows properties currently For Rent on the Central Coast. Drag or zoom the map for a closer look, you can switch between Aerial-Satellite or Road Map views. Hover over a dot and click to select that property and view details. A cool new feature now allows you to look at the neibourhood. Click on the yellow man and drag him to the property of interest to look at the neibourhood. You can even take a 3D view, pop on 3D glasses and click the 3D button.

North Avoca property has been on the rise lately

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Remarkably over the last 3 years across North Avoca, Terrigal & Avoca Beach more houses were sold in 2009 than the prior 2 years and 2010 is shaping up to be in very hot pursuit.

High levels of real quality enquiry, positive media and interest rates remaining low, have kept the phones ringing hot and properties in these areas are in very high demand.

Early to mid 2009 opened up terrific opportunities for buyers able to take advantage of uncertain market conditions and secure homes in these areas at lower prices than we have seen in the past. Sales in the later part of 2009 and early 2010 are indicating a marked increase in values with substantially greater buyer confidence.

North Avoca, Terrigal and Avoca Beach each offer a unique combination of choices catering to a full range of lifestyle buyers – from first home purchasers through to high end investors many with a locale very close to beaches and lakes and some with stunning views. There doesn’t seem to be any MOST active segment with very recent sales from as low as $400,000 and multiple buyers fighting it out at the $1.7 million range. Christmas trading seemed to encourage many high end purchasers to enter back into the property arena.

Though only early days, 2010 is seeing average prices are generally recovering from any losses sustained in the previous 2 years and while Avoca Beach has adjusted downwards by 6.1% to $815,000 average, both North Avoca & Terrigal have increased, with North Avoca average house prices being up 1.2% to approx $871,000 and Terrigal house prices being up 17.5% to approx $590,000.

For my money North Avoca’s charm of being a destination suburb, with only a low number of holiday rentals, will always continue to keep it in great stead, noise and Traffic is almost non-existent in North Avoca. It’s 2 mins to Terrigal and more importunately 2 mins out and that’s why the savvy people seem to take the place to their heart.

The mix of old to new is on a major swing; with the old being replaced on what seems to be daily basis.

My advice to people truly considering selling is get a contract prepared and get listed as soon as possible. Choose your best local agent – the buyers are there out NOW.

The weather is good – Interest rates are still low and the press is talking it up. We are currently achieving sensational results – especially for homes that are presented well. If you need outside help to present your home in a stunning fashion, your agent should be able to help, it seems to be paying great returns at the negotiation end of the sale with over the market sale prices.

For buyers, I would say: Beg, Borrow, maybe not steal, but do what you can to get into the market NOW and then just hang on and enjoy the ride.


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Michael Clayton
ZINC Property
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